Black or blue? 6 chemo hats that go with everything

We hear the same two questions time and again: “Do you have any chemo hats to match my black outfit?” and “Which chemo head wraps work best with blue?” And we see why you ask. Just look at the people in the street. So many of them prefer timeless colours like black and blue that are easy to combine. But what if you can’t choose between black or blue? What if you like them both and they represent most of your wardrobe?

“You can’t have your cake and eat it”, people say. But they haven’t seen the chemo hats and scarves that you’re about to discover in this article. We have chosen the prints especially because they work so well with both black and blue. So say goodbye to difficult choices. Be smart and combine colours to your heart’s content. Mix and match all you like. You didn’t choose to lose your hair. But you can most definitely choose what you wear on your head. We hope that our lines will inspire a myriad of styles!

 black chemo hat for cancer patients 

This gathered chemo hat is called the Marlene Surprise. And we called it a ‘surprise’ for a reason. While the hat itself is a solid black, the print combines all of this season’s colour trends, including grey, rust, and bold electric blue. Do you know why we love this fabric so much? Because the crescents are a fun reference to the Rosette la Vedette logo. But that’s not the only reason to love it. It adds sparkle to your plain, understated, black outfits and works like a charm with this season’s eye-popping blues as well. Have a look at other black or grey chemo hats >> 

 blue chemo turban for hair loss

blue chemo head wrap cancer

chemotherapy head scarf for cancer patients

Everyone loves the pre-tied Liz scarf because of the endless combinations it offers. Wear it with pink, black, blue, grey, name it. Pair it with this super-easy chemo scarf and you’ll always look and feel good. A splash of colour, gives it its name, the Liz Splash. Adding a stylish flourish to many an outfit, this hat with a sewed-on scarf is also super easy to wear. Just put on the hat, tie the ends of the scarf once or twice at the nape of your neck and you’re good to go! No need to worry about the hassle of wrapping and draping a scarf around your head. Better yet, no need to worry that your chemo scarf will slip or come undone in the wind. 

Have you found your favourite chemo hat or scarf? Browse our selection of blue and black headgear.