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6 feel-good tips for bad hair(loss) days

“Don’t worry, your hair will grow back” is not much consolation on days when you have really had enough of your hair loss. Many women find the process of losing their hair after chemo and spending a few months without hair the hardest part of their chemotherapy. So it’s normal to feel down now and then. How can you cheer yourself up again? Here is a list of six things you need to remember when you are feeling down about your hair.

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1. There is more to you than just your hair

Your hair – and by extension your entire appearance – is just a small aspect of your personality. You also have a sense of humour, your character, your friends, your way of loving the people around you… And nobody can take this away from you. Not even chemotherapy. Have you also noticed that people have started to compliment you on your lovely eyes? Or your sweet freckles, your charming smile, your fantastic cheekbones? These are all assets you can be proud of – long after your chemotherapy has ended – and which might have always been obscured by your hair.

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2. Never forget that hair loss during chemo is “just” a side effect

Hair loss due to chemotherapy is not a consequence of your illness, but a side effect of the treatment that will make you better. It's all for the best, however hard-hitting it feels. Don’t get us wrong, the last thing we want to do is to imply that hair loss isn’t a big deal. But sometimes seeing things from a broader perspective will change your outlook and the way you feel.

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3. Don’t listen to all those stories about “feeling like a woman again in spite of chemo”

You are and always will be a woman, you are still the same and you are no less beautiful. You just look “different” for a while. And yes, you will have to do without your hair for some time. But less hair never means you are less of a woman! Just imagine, if your femininity was entirely due to your hair, that would be a pretty narrow definition of what being a woman means, wouldn’t it?

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4. You only lose your hair for a few months

Your hair grows back after chemo. And once you have a nice short do again, you will have soon forgotten about your bald period. Many women would never dare trade in their long hair for a short crop from one day into another. You have no choice. But who knows, you might just realise that you actually look really good with a short style. You’d be surprised how many women don’t grow their hair long again after chemotherapy. “Everyone things I look ten years younger with my new, edgy short do”, a customer recently told us.

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5. The way people look at you? Sometimes they reveal more about other people than about you!

And what’s more: the glances often express admiration, really, because other people also realise that you are going through a difficult time but that you are soldiering on!

6. Talk about it: it’s okay to complain, never forget to laugh :-)

You will regularly bump into women in the hospital who have no hair just like you. They understand better than anyone else how you feel. Sometimes just having a chat, being able to get things off your chest and have a good laugh makes all the difference.