3 cancer gift ideas to put a smile on your recovering friend's face

Visiting your colleague, friend, family member, or neighbour affected by cancer but you haven't got a clue what to bring? We've got three tips in store for you that are sure to please and what's even better is that you can get creative yourself. No run-of-the-mill fruit basket or flowers, but heartfelt gifts, made with love! No doubt about it that they will light up the difficult days after cancer diagnosis or treatment. 

cancer gift ideas

Gift tip 1: Prepare comfort food, soup or a little treat 

For someone who recently got diagnosed, the world seems to be upside down. Chopping away in the kitchen is just about the last thing on your mind. What's more, is that going through treatment drains your energy level so bad that cooking isn't an option. Sometimes even the aromas being released are too much to handle. That's why bringing a portion of homemade comfort food is always a good idea. 

Dealing with a sweet tooth? In that case, go for cookies or one of your delicious cakes. If you prefer to keep it healthy, you can team up with some friends or colleagues and create an entire menu for the weeks your friend is getting chemo treatment. A small effort for you guys, whereas a daily dose of comfort food or homemade soup could do wonders for your friend and their family.

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Gift tip 2: Bring some plant cuttings as a symbol of hope during chemotherapy 

If you have a soft spot for house plants and you know your friend, relative, or colleague dealing with cancer is just as crazy about them, why not bring them a few cuttings of your favourite ones? Not only do plants bring life into a home, they are also a great source of distraction. For plant lovers, there's nothing more satisfying than watching a tiny little bud grow into a luxurious plant. 

By the way, did you know that looking after plants has a relaxing effect? The pastime takes your mind off things and turns your anxiety down a notch. Witnessing a small plant cutting grow into an abundant plant can also symbolise hope, which is a welcome perspective on the future during chemo or other cancer treatments.

 cancer photo album

Gift tip 3: Turn those funny snapshots into a wonderful photo album 

Recalling beautiful memories and having a laugh at the joyful moments you spent together ... For someone affected by cancer, it can be so rewarding to escape the madness of the disease and treatment for a while. A homemade photo album will take your friend or colleague back to wonderfully carefree times.  

So bundle the pictures you took during that hilarious teambuilding exercise, look for photos of some of the nicest moments of your yearlong friendship, or capture that great city trip in a photo album. Nothing short of the perfect way to get through challenging (sick) days! And perhaps your friend might even be tempted to sort her or his own photos and create a few nice albums during treatment and recovery at home. 

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