Why our easy chemo scarf Liz is the length it is

Have you ever wondered why some brands produce short chemo scarves and others produce longer ones? When we designed our Liz chemo scarf, we deliberately chose this length for the ready-to-wear scarf. We wanted the ends to be just long enough. Do you know why?


Liz is the most popular design in the entire Rosette la Vedette collection. No wonder, because this chemo scarf looks as though you’ve draped and tied it like a pro. Even though it’s really just a hat you put straight onto your head. The ready-to-wear scarf remains in place and is gathered to flatter your face and add more volume. All you have to do is tie the ends of the scarf at the nape of your neck. So no need to worry about mastering intricate wrapping and draping skills!

scarves for hairloss rosette la vedette

Get rid of that little bump!

Have you had a chest port implanted just below your collar bone? It makes taking blood samples or administering chemo and other medicines a whole lot easier during your treatment. On the downside, it sometimes forms a bump under your skin that you would prefer to hide. That is why we decided to make the ends of our Liz chemo scarf a little longer. You can tie them at the nape of your neck and drape them over your shoulder to hide your chest port. No more bump!

chemo scarf for cancer patients 

For turban fans too

Do you believe variety is the spice of life? Do you think you’d look better with a bit more volume around your head? Why don’t you wrap your Liz scarf like a turban to create a different look?

1/ Rather than tying the ends at the nape of your neck, simply cross them over

2/ Bring the ends forward

3/ Cross them over each other again

4/ Tuck the ends in at the sides (on the left and right), around your head


Four other benefits of the Liz chemo scarf

1. Your Liz will remain in place even if the knot at the nape of your neck comes undone. If you wrap an ordinary scarf around your head, it would come loose and slip off.

2. There is no need to raise your arms high to wrap your scarf around your head, which is definitely a bonus if you have recently had a chest port inserted or after an axillary lymph node dissection procedure.

3. Liz has no scratchy inner seams or annoying elastic that will irritate your neck: it’s a real treat for your sensitive skin.

4. Liz is made from high-quality fabrics that retain their shape and won’t sag after repeated wearing.

5. A genuine Liz is easy recognised: just look for the stitched crosses that keep the scarf in place and add a fun and trendy twist.  

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