3 smart tips for choosing the right headwear for hairloss

Spring definitely wasn’t in the air yesterday at our home in Ghent. Was it a miserable day where you live too? Grey skies, big raindrops, not a ray of sunshine to be seen... So that makes it the perfect day to post our newest spring styles and inspiration to our website! Take a look at our new products and cheer yourself up with all the summery colours and prints. Spoiled for choice? Here are three expert tips to get you going!

 chemo hats rosette la vedette

1/ A chemo hat in a solid colour or a fashionable pattern?

We add new prints every season. We find that a pretty pattern tends to add radiance to your face, especially if you’re looking a little paler than usual during treatment. Do you prefer solid colours? Instead of always sticking to complementary shades, why not make a bold statement with contrasting colours? And here’s a tip: our patterned fabrics are slightly lighter than the solid ones. Definitely an advantage now summer is on its way!

chemo headwear rosette la vedette 

2/ Large or small head?

Do you like prints? You’ll be spoiled for choice here. One thing you should bear in mind is the size of your head. A large head looks smaller with a small, discreet motif, while you can make a small head look bigger with large, multicoloured patterns. So make the right choice to keep your silhouette in balance despite your hair loss.

Best of all, our chemo hats and scarves are one-size-fits-most. Have a large head? No need to worry, the fabric will stretch after you have worn it a few times. Do you really have a small head? Put your hat in the tumble-dryer so it shrinks slightly. It will fit better (if it doesn’t need shrinking, then air-dry according to our standard maintenance instructions).

chemo scarves rosette la vedette 

3/ Do you often get too hot in your headwear?

Do you often find hats or scarves uncomfortably hot? Does the chemo or hormone treatment give you annoying hot flushes or make you break out in a sweat? Meet Audrey, our feather-light head wrap in an airy cotton-viscose mix. Bonus: it’s reversible, so you can wear it either way round. Need to let the sweat dry out of your scarf? Just turn it ‘inside out’ and carry on as usual! 

Ready to shop our lovely chemo headwear styles and find your favourite?