Home by yourself during those dark days of treatment? Give hygge a shot with these 5 cocooning tips

Being confronted with cancer can make your world a whole lot smaller. You slow your entire life down and often put your career, hobbies and passions on hold to focus on your recovery. Are you feeling somewhat isolated due to your illness and do the gloomy days weigh on your mood? With these tips, you’ll turn the rest you need during your treatment into a time to enjoy the comforting cocoon your home has to offer. Exploring hygge in times of cancer treatment? Yes, we can! 

Hygge is the Danish recipe for happiness. Simply put, the term refers to creating a cosy atmosphere for yourself. The Danes consider it to be a vital part of their culture. No wonder, when you know that above all, hygge is about caring for others and yourself, and finding happiness in the little, everyday things. Could you do with a portion of hygge during chemotherapy? These five tips will get you started.

 cancer treatment tips

1. Cocoon with candlelight

Did you know that the Danes light way more candles than any other European? It is estimated that every Dane burns about 6 kilograms of candles every year. With candlelight you instantly create a warm, snug atmosphere in your home. As it comes along with comfort and solace, lighting a candle will always have that bit of magic to it. Are you glued to the sofa after yet another round of chemo? Then pamper yourself with an extra soft blanket and some soothing candles on the coffee table. 

 effect plants on mental health

2. Unleash the crazy plant lady within yourself

Nothing more relaxing than rummaging around in soil with your hands, gathering cuttings, watering plants and­—why not—talking to the one that appears to be a bit weary lately. Indoor greenery provides oxygen and lifts your mood. Plus, nurturing of those plants leaves will give you something to work on. Chemotherapy might just come along with finding the time you needed to add some life to the living room. And when in need of a little extra punch, get a nice bunch of flowers from the market to bring a touch of colour into your home.

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3. Organise your photos and make albums

You haven't gotten around to putting together a photo album of that summer holiday two years ago? Hundreds of pictures on your smartphone need sorting? Then you’ve found yourself the ideal thing to do when your energy level is low and you still feel like doing something useful. From the comfort of your sofa, you have everything at hand to get cracking. And while doing so, you can reminisce about all those wonderful moments

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4. Put on your favourite music

You know these kinds of those songs you spontaneously start dancing to? Or the ones that know how to get to you over and over again? Music significantly influences your mood and psychological well-being. Our advice to you: create a Spotify list for every mood, tune into your favourite radio station or browse your record collection and play your all-time favourites again. 

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5. Get out to get your vitamin D refill

However tempting it might be to stay inside when you're having a bad day, we can't deny the wholesome effects of the outdoors. Take in some fresh air during a short walk in your neighbourhood. Or, when you're having a good day, head down to a nearby park or nature reserve to enjoy the peace and quiet. Spending time in nature is the best way to recharge your batteries. Invigorating and soothing!

Are you an outdoor person? Then be sure to read our 4 tips for an invigorating outdoor feeling and more energy!