Our online shop stays open during corona lockdown

These last few days, so many people have asked me whether we would close down the web shop because of corona lockdown measures that I decided to dedicate today’s blog post to the subject. The answer is NO (or… not yet!)

Still sending out all webshop orders 

As long as our warehouse colleagues are allowed to work and we can provide a safe environment for them, we will keep wrapping up orders and shipping them. Rest assured, we re-evaluate the situation every morning, adjusting to any new measures and drawing up plans for action. Safety first!

... but small delays may occur 

The various postal and shipping partners we work with are still at it, too. However, things in the online sales world are so busy right now that shipping might experience small delays. Our apologies, but we ask for your patience in these unusual lockdown times. Not of weeks, but of one, maybe two, exceptionally three days. We are giving it our all to get your order to you in time.

But cancer and alopecia can’t wait until the corona crisis has passed

Is this the part where I beg you to order something because us entrepreneurs are faced with financial losses? Of course not. At Rosette la Vedette, money has never been our first concern. NEVER! But cancer and alopecia can’t wait until the corona crisis has passed. If you’re losing your hair now, you want a solution now.

Not out of stock yet 

That’s why we’ll keep on pampering your mind and body with colours and softness, for as long as we can. I can’t tell you yet if we’ll receive whatever’s still due from our summer collection, as some fabrics are stuck due to corona. But we do have a well-stocked webshop with more than enough on the virtual racks to help you out.

Stay connected

A tip to conclude this email: go on and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. In this flood of doom and gloom, we’d like to offer you a bit of respite there. With positive vibes, feel-good tips and a dash of colour to brighten the mood. Let’s make the best of it, together.

 Take care and stay safe,
Designer & Owner Rosette la Vedette