Spice up your grey chemo hat with these 3 tips

A grey chemo scarf or hat caught your eye but don't you want to look stuffy? Mix it up with flashy fashion colours or fresh pastel shades. No more pale or tired looking skin. Instead, say hello to your fresh new look!  

Whoever said grey is boring sure didn’t take a proper look at our collection! Because this colour of chemo hat can be worn with just about any outfit in your wardrobe: from party proof to casual, or outspoken to sober. Combine this timeless essential with a bright colour or fresh pastel shade and you will see what the effect is on your appearance and complexion: fresher, younger and waiting for compliments

Although you might prefer keeping a low profile after hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy, a splash of colour can give you that little bit of extra confidence. Thanks to these three tips, you can wear your grey scarf or hat with grace:

 grey chemo hat rosette la vedette

Tip 1: Pick a colourful print for your grey hat

Are we looking at a fashionable leopard print or rather something like a contemporary painting? One thing is guaranteed: this print is a gem. Marlene Precieuse is a chemo hat that mixes and matches grey with mustard yellow and clear blue to create a designer pattern. A top combo that will inspire you on the spot. How would you feel about a ginger top or bright blue jersey to go with your hat? Or better still: combine your blue cardigan with a mustard handbag for a sh’bam effect.

 grey chemo scarf online

Tip 2: Combine grey with a vivid trend colour

Pink, red, purple, green and mustard yellow mark this autumn's wear. Precisely the colours which give your sober grey scarf a real boost. Liz Crystal is a subtle grey chemo scarf which you’ll wear with just about any playful trend colour. Don't overthink it, just go for it!

 grey chemo hats for hair loss

Tip 3: Light up your grey chemo hat with crisp pastel

Pastel shades never cease to impress. And rightly so, because the powder tones illuminate your eyes and lend a healthy look to your face. Moreover, they are less harsh on pale complexions than classic whites. So, yes, grey and pastel are a match made in heaven. Combine this grey Marlene Misty in a classy look with powder pink or baby blue. Add an eye-catching necklace and statement earrings, and you're all set for a night on the town. 

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