Why green and blue hats work wonders for your complexion when facing hair loss

Have you ever had a hot flush? Red cheeks from the chemo or all the cortisone you are taking for the side-effects? Or simply because of the cold? Or maybe you’ve had rosacea for years? And you feel your cheeks burning. All you can see in the mirror are two round, flushed cheeks.

 blue hat for hair loss

May I share my personal tip? Why don’t you try wearing a green or a blue chemo scarf or hat? It really helps, I promise! The cool hue of the green or blue will soften the red of your cheeks. While these colours won’t get rid of the redness altogether, of course, they create an optical illusion: you will look less ‘hot and bothered’. Your complexion looks healthier and brighter, and your eyes will light up. Just what you’re looking for in the heat of the chemo battle, right?

 green chemo hat

What’s more, green and blue combine well with many other colours. And they look softer than black as well. Last but not least, it’s a myth that only redheads look better in green and blondes should wear blue. Just have a look at the Rosette la Vedette collection if you don’t believe us: we have cooler shades of blue such as Navy or Dreamy Blue, as well as warmer hues including Night Blue and even warm prints like our Finesse. The same applies to green, which comes in aqua, khaki, olive and everything in between, so there is something for everyone.

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green hat for hair loss