3 quick styling tips to customise your chemo hat with a scarf

Have you gone for casual chemo hats in solid colours? Change your look to match your mood or outfit just by adding a scarf. Whether you wear it in a carefree, flowing style or tucked in a tight bun, a scarf is a great way to add a fun twist to your outfit. Sound difficult? Far from it! You’ll master these three different styles in no time at all.

You’ll need: your favourite chemo hat and a long scarf in a complementary colour. Here’s a tip: use scarves in a non-shiny fabric. Unlike silk or satin, they will remain in place and won’t slide off your hat. 

Style 1: loosely-tied and casual

1. Wrap your scarf around your head and simply knot it above your left or right ear.

2. Tuck one end of the scarf halfway under the knot and let the loop hang loosely.

3. Spread out the fabric in the loop to create more volume.  

  how to wear head scarf hair loss

Style 2: a playful knot

1. Wrap your scarf around your head and simply knot it above your left or right ear.

2. Take both ends of the scarf and twist them tightly to make a ‘sausage’.

3. Keep on twisting them until they curl up into a bun. Twist the end of the ‘sausage’ around the bun and simply tuck it in under the knot. 

 how to tie head scarf chemotherapy

Style 3: an elegant knot on the top of your head

1. Wrap the scarf around your head from back to front.

2. Cross the ends over each other on your forehead.

3. Then fold back the two ends: the left end back to the left side of your head and the right end back to the right. This is a great way to create volume at the front. Secure the two ends in the nape of your neck with a double knot.

 how to tie head scarves cancer patients

Would you prefer a hat with a scarf that is already sewn into place? Have a look at our pre-tied Liz scarf >>