3 occasions when you’d rather wear a hat or a scarf than a wig

After a lot of thought, have you ended up buying a wig? Do bear in mind that you won’t be wearing it 24/7. It’s best to keep a chemo hat at hand for times when a wig isn’t the most comfortable solution or when it needs freshening up.

There is a wide range of suitable chemo headwear options for those ‘wigless’ moments. They all look every bit as stylish as your wig – and are often much more comfortable to wear. Read on and find out about three occasions when a chemo head hat or scarf is the best – and prettiest! – alternative to a wig.

chemo hat or wig 

1/ Feeling protected and carefree while you sleep

It would be a shame to sleep in your wig. It was an expensive purchase, and is not necessarily built to cope with you tossing and turning on your pillow. And your scalp would benefit from more softness at night. The chemo and some other medicines you may be taking (such as cortisone) can make your skin dry, cracked or peeling, and the slightest irritation can cause sores.  Were you planning on sleeping bareheaded? Of course that’s an option. But bear in mind that you lose 80% of your body heat through your head. That means your head will soon get cold, even in summer, and especially when you’re not moving around a lot. The solution? Chemo sleep caps without abrasive seams or elastic >

chemo scarves rosette la vedette


2/ When your wig needs care

Whether you decide to care for your wig at home or bring it to a specialist or a wig shop, there will be times when you will have to do without it for a while. Having a scarf or hat at hand is always a good idea. And here’s a tip: why would you settle for a basic, bland hat when you can opt for a pretty chemo head scarf? You spent all that time shopping for a stylish wig. Why shouldn’t you look equally stylish at times when you can’t wear your wig? Don't you want to feel just as feminine and confident at times like those? Look your best with these super-feminine chemo scarves, for example >

chemo hats rosette la vedette


3/ Relaxing at home without itchy or irritated skin

You need to rest in between chemo treatments to build up the strength that will help you recover more quickly after your treatment. And sometimes you don’t feel like doing activities or things that take a lot of energy. Chilling out on your sofa or a good old-fashioned afternoon nap can work wonders. And you probably won’t want to wear your wig, but you might not want to leave your head uncovered either. Many of our customers have told us that they stop wearing their wig indoors after a while. At home, they prefer the softness and comfort of a casual chemo hat without irritating seams >