5 reasons why you need a soft sleep cap

Sleep caps? Wait, do I need one of those as well? When you find out you are going to lose your hear, special headgear to wear in bed probably isn’t the first thing on your mind. There are so many other questions you have to deal with. But soon you’ll notice that your head deserves softness and comfort at night time as well. And once you’re used to wearing a silky-soft chemo sleep cap without abrasive seams, you might find yourself wanting to wear it in now and then in the daytime as well. Why? Discover five reasons why a specially-designed chemo sleep cap is essential in this blog post.

 chemo sleep cap for hair loss

Reason 1: to stop you feeling cold at night

There are various reasons why you will get cold more easily at night if you have lost your hair. To begin with, our hair serves as insulation that keeps our body heat in. Without this natural buffer, we lose a lot of our body heat through our heads. Even in summer. Secondly, our body temperature drops when we are asleep. And don’t forget that the chemo or other medication may thoroughly disrupt your body’s thermoregulation. Compare it with a thermostat that isn’t working properly: one moment you’ll be too hot and the next you'll suddenly start to feel chilly. And that makes a chemo sleep cap without abrasive seams a genuine essential.

sleep cap alopecia

Reason 2: you feel ‘naked’ without protection

You’ve gotten so used to your wig or chemo headwear that you wear during the day that it feels strange to sleep with nothing on your head at night. You soon start to miss that comfy, protective layer on your sensitive scalp, and sleeping bareheaded might feel unpleasant. And don’t forget that a good night’s sleep is the key to recovery during your chemo treatment!

chemo sleep cap for hair loss  

Reason 3: to relax during the daytime

After giving the matter a lot of thought and finally deciding to get a wig, you still won’t be wearing it around the clock. Does your wig need freshening up? Or do you simply want to lie down for a bit and rest your head? A soft chemo sleep cap might be a comfy alternative. Many of our customers have told us that they keep their wigs on after their first chemo treatments. But as their treatment progresses, they soon swap their wig for a soft cap that often feels much nicer to wear when you start getting tired and need to rest more during the day.

 chemo sleep cap for hair loss

Reason 4: a soft layer under a straw boater or a winter hat

Do you want to wear a straw boater to protect yourself from the sun? Or a warm wool or felt hat in wintertime as a fashion statement? Go for it! Hats are ideal for experimenting with your style! And you probably don’t much like going bareheaded. But if you’ve lost your hair due to chemo or alopecia, a hat may soon start to feel itchy. Combine it with a chemo sleep cap as an extra layer to protect yourself against itching or irritation. Or do you really feel the cold in winter? Why not wear a sleep cap under your chemo hat and let part of your sleep cap peek out from under the edge on your forehead? It adds a fun pop of colour!

 yoga after cancer

Reason 5: a trendy outfit for yoga or rehabilitation

Are you taking a special rehabilitation programme during or after chemo to get back into shape and build up your physical resilience? Are you waiting for your hair to grow back or is it still too short for your liking? A sleep cap provides the necessary cover but ensures that you won’t get too hot under unnecessary layers of fabric. Choose a sleep cap in a bright colour or with a fun pattern and you’ll feel much comfier than you would in a scarf that you have to wrap around your head, which might come undone during exercise. 

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