Wendy's story

"I was 34 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost my hair as a result of the chemo. I was far too casual to consider wearing a wig, too picky to choose a boring hat and too optimistic to want to wear dark colours.

I couldn’t find anything in shops that I really liked: too old-fashioned, too complicated to tie up, with stitching that was too rough on my skin. More than ever I felt like I wanted to do my own thing. At that point my mum got out her sewing machine and sewed me “my own thing”, a series of turbans in my favourite colours. They looked so nice and were so soft to wear.

Everyone agreed that I looked radiant! And the women who borrowed my hats once I no longer needed them received compliments everywhere they went. That simple stretch of fabric worked like a lucky charm.

I soon decided I wanted to make other people in my situation happy with my hats. So I joined forces with a textile company and launched my own collection, called Rosette la Vedette. Named after my grandmother Rosette, whose nickname is “la vedette”, the star, a strong woman who adores life.

And that is exactly what Rosette la Vedette stands for today: a story by and about strong people. Women – but also men – who have not chosen to lose their hair but who do choose to look better and feel stronger.”

Wendy Rosseel
Founder Rosette la Vedette