Five good reasons to sprinkle some colour when dealing with hair loss

Blue radiates confidence, green is soothing, red bursts with energy ... Whether you believe colour psychology is a thing or not, one thing is for sure: if you suffer from hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia, a colourful accessory can help to highlight your face and add some spark to your look. Feeling a bit reluctant towards bright colors during your cancer treatment? Don't be. Colour has the power to lift your spirits as well as boost your outfit. And here is why. 

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1/ Colour lightens up your face when your hair no longer does

Losing your hair tends to drastically change the way you look. Generally, your hair wraps a set of colour shades around your face while your eyebrows and eyelashes add structure to it. They help define your facial expression. Needless to say, hair loss can instantly strain the liveliness of your complexion. Additional bummer: chemotherapy or other treatments can also make your skin looking more pale or dull.

So, what to do? Put your faith in a colourful hat or scarf to give your face that instant glow. If you don’t know which hues suit you best yet, we advise one of the following: Night Blue, Framboise, and Aqua. Flattering to just about any skin type, they will surely make you shine.

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2/ Hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy? Boost your confidence with just a tinge of colour

Looking in the mirror and discovering the first signs of hair loss can be pretty daunting. Still, try not to shy away from your reflection and come to terms with your hair loss. Going easy on yourself and maintaining a positive outlook is extremely important for your sense of well-being and your recovery. Show the world that you are keeping your head up and go for that bold, playful outfit. Finding your head too exposed? Nothing a bright-colored new hat won't cure! Pick a shade that complements the colour of your eyes... Oh so flattering!

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3/ Colour encourages you to experiment

Fancy a new look? A new haircut, or different shade can do the trick. But not only do you need actual hair on your head, it also requires quite some of your time and above all, a good hairdresser. Those who lose their hair due to alopecia or cancer treatments and wear hats or scarves have way more freedom of choice. A summery yellow hat on Monday, a cool print in white and blue the day after... An entire range of possibilities is right there at your fingertips! And you don't even need that many hats to spice up your look. With about five hats or scarves in your closet, you are sure of matching every outfit.

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4/ Turn yourself into the talk of the town!

Although people around you know that you are being treated, they often have a hard time talking to you about it. Sounds familiar? In those cases, a bright outfit and a cheerfully printed hat can make the perfect icebreaker. Bet that you'll be overwhelmed by all of the compliments! And there you have it: a pleasant starting point to a conversation. And of course, you don't have to explain everything about your illness and treatment, it's up to you to decide how much you want to share. But the fact that you are glowing is clear for all to see!

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5/ When in need of some superpower: go for green and blue

Red cheeks, hot flashes, or rosacea bothering you during your cancer treatment and recovery? Then two colours will work wonders for your complexion: green and blue! This is one of the handy little chemo tips already a lot of women found useful. Each of these tints subtly conceals the redness of your skin tone and brightens your look. Talk about a great reason to add more colour to your outfit and look. Go for it!

Feel the need for a splash of color? Dive into our chemo fashion headwear collection and treat yourself to a new hat, scarf or turban.