Make-up during chemo? A radiant look even though you have cancer? Discover 4 successful makeovers

A light-reflecting cream and perfectly pencilled eyebrows... That is all our candidates needed in our pop-up today to look like the radiant stars they are. Ingrid, Sandra, Will and Leen were treated to a makeover by our skilful make-up artist Katarina. Discover their before and after photos and get a taste of our second pampering day for people having chemo who want to look radiant despite their cancer. 

Before and after 1: stunning eyebrows for Leen

chemotherapy make up cancer

Leen is at the halfway stage of her chemo treatment and has lost her eyebrows. Our make-up artist brightened up her complexion with a clarifying foundation, eliminating the dark circles under her eyes with concealer. She then brought out Leen’s lovely blue eyes even more with soft-coloured eye shadows. But the real wow effect comes from the eyebrows that Katharina has so skilfully pencilled in. You have to be a real expert to notice they aren’t real! Leen feels much better already and is so happy with her new look that she has traded in her sober, dark brown hat for a chic design in a subtle aqua green print. Which only makes her eyes sparkle even more!


Before & after 2: Will gets a regal glow

chemotherapy make up cancer

Will has just completed her third round of chemo but she still finds it very important to pamper herself now and then. She has got quite good at pencilling in her eyebrows. Our make-up artist shows her how she can make her eyes look even bigger and surprises Will with a subtle lipstick. Will never wears lipstick and makes us laugh with a salvo of kissing noises. But she looks as radiant as a queen, don’t you think?


Before & after 3: Ingrid’s red cheeks are going, going, gone

cancer make up chemotherapy

Ingrid walks into our pop-up shop with flushed red cheeks. Not because she’s just taken a brisk autumn walk, but because of the cortisone that she’s being given as part of her chemo. Our make-up artist applies a foundation that neutralises the redness in Ingrid’s face. And because Ingrid was so upset when her eyebrows fell out, Katharina gives her plenty of tips on how to pencil them in. Ingrid looks even more energetic than she did 30 minutes earlier when she walked in! Do you suffer from red cheeks like Ingrid? Find out here why a green chemo hat can work wonders for your complexion >>


Before & after 4: Sandra embarks on her second round of chemo looking radiant 

cancer make up chemotherapy

Sandra has just completed her first round of chemo and has already traded in her long hair for a shorter style. She knows her hair will start falling out soon. But Sandra’s not the type of woman to sit around and wait. She spends most of the afternoon in our pop-up shop with her new husband (congrats by the way!). Our make-up artist shows her how to bring out her eyes, using a hint of mascara and an eye pencil. Sandra enjoys every second of it and also pricks up her ears when Katharina shares her tips for the other candidates. Wish you all the best, Sandra!